Saturday, 29 September 2012

Bad Things Come In Two

There comes a time in existence where one find's himself confused about his purpose, meaning of life,  the things one need to do in-order to stay at the edge of his mind. That was never my case ;)
Ive known what i want to be and what i need ever since i knew whats out there and how it works, its never random, there's always a pattern. Everything comes in a pattern, but it wernt we'd be living in natural chaos, which automatically indicates that there would be no life.
Everybody's a target, everybody's bitter,
its just a matter of finding your muse to get you through the day or what ever it is that you live for !
Past will always be regrets and future always holds greed. There's only one place to live and that right now !
Believe in whatever feels real, be what ever's true. !

Digital  Arts is one single handed mainstream, thats the quickest and the most believable and believe it or not, a part of us. From the tamed truth to the uncanny reality
i'd like to share my favorite band's Trailer for there new album "Born Villain" by Marilyn Manson
its a mixture of mockery and music, Shakespear's Mcbeth and The Holy Mountain By alejandro jodorowsky and click on the trailer on the right column.
Ive always been a die-hard fan of drama and Manson delivers.
in this video he quotes Shakespear from Mcbeth
This trailer is R rated so, viewer discretion is advised.

"Life is but a walking shadow, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage
and is herd no more,
this is a tale told by an idot, full of sound and fury,
signify nothing"

I refer Marilyn mansons in the territory of digital arts is because
his videos are no more then higly relatable graphic short films at least to me
and the cinematography is just beautiful
the shots the sets and the content.
And Marilyn Manson was also Directing a film
"phantasmagoria the visions of lewis carroll" which acording to some websites got cancelled, becauae of budge issues.

Recommended video's from Marilyn Manson
*This is the new *hit
*The Dope Show
*Putting Holes Into Happiness

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