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Tell Me All..


Sub-scripting the presentation,

1- Impression Imagination
In a field so subjective, its not hard to say that art to me is highly subjective
quoting from ways of seeing by john berger "One only See's what they know" that being that
that's all that my practise as an artist circulates around. and most of it revolves the medium of New Media Arts.

2- New media Art THE DEFINITION
New media art is a genre that encompasses artworks created with new media technologies, including digital art, computer graphics, computer animation,
virtual art, Internet art, interactive art, computer robotics, and art as biotechnology.

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3-Art for me
On the same subject Art to me has always been about me,
my imagination was only but triggered by the mobility of the digital medium, some of the reasons that I found extremely helpful the ones that fit for my
practice are that Digital medium is a quick medium, One See's the progress as s/he proceeds, along with the ability of multi tasking  to do several things
at a time, and updating myself with as many things I need to.

Digital medium is quite powerful, in simple words is the translator of the imagination. let it be yours or somebody Else's

Art as we know it is a multi interpretation field, a single stroke can mean a hundred things and the emergence of the digital medium say film making extends
its arm in a way to lock your or some body's imagination or to replace it with yours.
Ill here take an example of say a novel that gets produced into a film.
Whilst reading the novel one can imagine hundreds of possibility's and locations and characters and worlds, while the director of the film locks it down to
the imagination he keeps, in other words tries to translate his own vision.
what happens here Is that goes without saying for all the people who've read the novel and had there own world imagined up with replace there imaginations
with the one of that specific director who empowers his vision through that medium.
that was just an example of the power of this medium and safe to say its no less then a weapon.
To me the idea of understanding is fairly simple. It either connects or it doesn't. and that is to say that one point where the bar of interest is lost.
For me the element of interest is greatly important.
Name June Paik
Vito Acconci
or even Joan Jonas
without a doubt are known as the pioneers of video/performance art.
People find their works fascinating beyond words, i just don't. There works dose not overlap my circles of interest.
There's nothing wrong in saying that "i don't like it"
here on the other hand just a rough example i find the works of
Ana Mendita
Marina Abromawick
Rafael Lacoste
or even Musicians like
Marilyn Manson
Or Lady Gaga
i find them very fascinating and it just clicks right through my interest circle.
(Reference to blog "bad things come in two" and "..")
6-My World
Art is for the eye, Art is for my eye
My way-My Mind-My world
Everything we do in our lives is directly related to what we see, on other words what ever we do is for our eyes.
I apply the same principles to myself.
7-Inspiring nature
here I took the example of Damien Hirst another Media Artist
just to explain a few points further
what I find relate able in his work and what interests me is
the RAW NATURE of his work, to much to a very literal reading RAW-NESS.
The visual beauty of Tamed-nature, even though i see nature at its up most beauty when its aggressive and ruthless, but it works in his way.
The Body also say the structure has always interested me, the human body or not the human body. Whats inside the body and whats not. The transparency, the
nakedness of it all.
(reference # 4 to blog "let me paint to")
8-Invention of love (2010)
I believe nothings cliché, if its done properly. And this short film to say the least is done very nicely.
This is a short animated story by Andrey Kushkow.
9-My Head
Ive had the perfect idea of life, in my head. Guess we all do
and we all live it in our head's.
Here are something's with the visual examples of what i use the most in my practise.
The Body like i mentioned earlier.
The personalities, the animated, their characteristics, the characters, and their different ways of life etc
The Mind and the predictability, we had this artist talk with a couple of profession film makers the day before and
one of them said something very interesting " the video medium if used smartly, can make the viewer think or do what ever you want to do, say eliminate all
the possibilities of actions except for one and the mind directly sets of the only available option and goes for it."
That's quite true i know it because Ive used it at times at some specific places.
The animation and not just of the imagination but also of the mind.
The experience the work provides the environment it creates, the feelings it evoke.
The nature (which i just previously mentioned)
(Reference # 5/6 to blog "move me" and "Artsy")


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