Sunday, 9 December 2012

Big Fat Liar !!

In the past couple of weeks I have indeed spoken about the orign points of my inspiration, at some points to and from, but this post was a long time coming was just waiting for the right time. I havnt made a lot of works, but the ones I have I like !
see, the point of work for me is more of self satisfactory then it is about anything else, infact that's the case with everything I do.
in the past couple of years ive hereby spoken about how music, digital medium and details to the minutest to me add the last nail to the work.
Now, at this stage I feel I know enough to get going, and I see works around me every day. All sorts of work, some of them entirely true to the artist (very few) and some of them right off the internet or somebody else, even their classmates. I have been obcessively after one thing and one thing only, to represent myself through my work, and that's one goal I do achieve, if not to an hundred percent but enough to say what I want to, show what I have to, and deceive as I have to.
Ive always had a problem with something that I don't like standing in the way of what I do and how I do it !
in art schools, people ususally teachers come along, some of them get your work and appreciate the qualities while some think its ones safe zone as they like to call it, but I don't get the difference that safe zone out side of schools is called Artist's Style or signature or the way this artist works !
Arts as we know it diffrenciates everything with everyone, that's the beauty of it and what pisses me off the most, at most, and from the most is people who people who force themselves to be someone there not. They need to accept the fact of what they are are how in their own way the work they make can be different and have its own piercing voice !!

here are some of the documented works that ive made
some for university projects and some for guilty pleasures.
This ones done with Pen and Ink 2009 and was mostly about the personal growth.
This one is a detail of a self portrait, done with a drawing pointer,3x4 feet  2012
 Pen and ink, 15x25in 2009
 Drawing pen 2009
Drawing pen 2010, 15x25 its about sadism

 Charcoal, 20x30in "The hand that guides"
20x30in, 2010 "Poker Face"

2011 14x24in Drawing pen 2011
And now the digital works
The concept of this was driven from the words I BELIEVE AND IM AVLIE and skipping some alphabets end up giving "Im a lie, and i Lie" 2009

Its called Holywood, between two worlds ! 2010
This specific one is when I ran away from home. 2009


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