Saturday, 20 October 2012

artsy !

This is a first, im here willing to talk about an artist.
Myeongbeom Kim, now alot of people might have not herd this name but his work is definately something to check out.
the reason im here willing to tak about this guy is, because there isnt much infromation about this guy online, no bio's no wiki
so here it goes Myeongbeom Kim received his MFA in sculpture from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 2008. Previously, he studied environmental sculpture at University of Seoul, South Korea.
Kim’s installations and sculpture contain both man-made and natural elements, with the aim to accomplish surreal and dream-like spaces.
you'll find out what this means about in just a second.
He often incorporates suspension and living creatures confined in light bulbs or helium balloons, to produce a sense of wonderment.
Kim's not that popular by the looks of google. But i completely admire his work to bits, its bitter-sweet, maybe the reason is that i see myself in his works and that i have this unexplainable intrest in Kims favor.


This piece in particular, fragile dream mode and makes me think about alot of things,
the after life, the grave, the etarnal resting place much like the temporary one we rest at the end of every day, is this a message of awareness or just a comment !

Is it possible to enjoy, experience freedom without feeling it ? by just looking at it ?
this piece is quite blue, and quite relatable. To look but not to touch !
We have burnt out enough dont you think ? burnt the world we live in, burnt our selves within.
if only we could replant what we cut off. This piece's is quite life-less at least to me, cauz i believe that a tree is the messenger of the both worlds, the world above and the world beneath and grows both ways, but one side's fragile then the other.
i think this piece speaks for it-self, i mean i cant remember the last time i actually enjoyed looking up an artist's work, In the dictionary, the word surreal is defined as something unreal and fantastic or "having a oddly dreamlike quality." If surreal art can do anything, it can make us feel like we haven't woken up from a nightmare or a dream. More than that, however, it has the power of making the impossible suddenly seem possible.
The effort for suicide, who wouldnt want that !
and my favorite, a man is as limited as the imagination he keeps, the space to grow, the need to grow.
Although this breaking down of the boundaries between artificiality and nature would generally engender a sense of unease, conveying the decline of natural phenomenon at the hands of manufactured goods, from Kim’s perspective there is a rather a peaceful coexistence of these two binary opposites. It is a beautiful thing/


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