Saturday, 13 October 2012


i wonder about stuff  like this at times,

There comes a point in life, where one needs to refer to a saying by someone and you really dont give a crap who that person is, but just for the sake of your point you start the conversation by saying
A great person once said,
"I always wanted to be a superstar", the world we live in at this stage nothing is impossible.
Artists are nothing less then celeberties.
They sell-out just as much as an Actor.
They dress up for their shows no less then celeberties for red carpet.

Art is no longer a profession, but rather Fashion (trend), something that tops the chart ? something that sets the line ? Something that lets you say anything you want without the society looking all googly eyes on you ?
or has it suffered enough through history that this was the point where art should be intensively appriciated ?
especially after the fact where
majority of the artists in the past used to get famous after they died, and now in this era alot of them cash their art while living.

a-bunch of stuff always comes to my head, what is the art market, how does it work.
When there is no set criteria. what is good art or bad art, who chooses what’s successful or what’s not?

What sells ?
Where is the line drawn on expression or vulgarity? if its vulgar then its to direct.
What is vulgar anymore is it just about the play on words? if its controversial, the viewer isnt open minded !
If 4 or more not-so-open-minded people think its vulgar then its controversial!
If its all red, Its already been done before?
How is the frame in which the picture hangs in controversial?
becausse its from France, and the paintings from Germany ?
Is art like wine? the older the better and the better the gold-seller?
Is it even about self-expression anymore?
if its not in a gallery its not art!

and on these thoughts
the words that are hammered, on/in my mind,

"Is this what you wanted?
This is what you get.
Turned all your lives into this sh*t.
You never accepted or treated me fair
Blame me for what I believe
And I wear.
You fu*ked yourselves and you
Raised these sheep
The blue and the withered seeds
You will reap.
You never gave me a chance to be me
Or even a f*cking chance just to be.
But I have to show you,
That you played a role
The world that hates me has taken it's toll
But now I'll finally take control.
You wanted so bad to make me this thing
And I want you now to just kill the king
And I am not sorry, and I am not sorry
This is what you deserve



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