Sunday, 28 October 2012

It Speaks To Me.

Charcoal is used in art for drawing, making rough sketches in painting and is one of the possible media for making a parsemage. It must usually be preserved by the application of a fixative. Artists generally utilize charcoal in three forms:
  • Vine charcoal is created by burning sticks of wood (usually willow or linden/Tilia) into soft, medium, and hard consistencies.
  • Powdered charcoal is often used to "tone" or cover large sections of a drawing surface. Drawing over the toned areas darkens it further, but the artist can also lighten (or completely erase) within the toned area to create lighter tones.
  • Compressed charcoal charcoal powder mixed with gum binder compressed into round or square sticks. The amount of binder determines the hardness of the stick. Compressed charcoal is used in charcoal pencils.
One of my personal favorite mediums, 
Its quick, it has its own raw feeling/visual to it, every line thats made speaks for itself. Its amazing how many levels of grey and blacks you can get out of this one little chalk. And not to forget the smudging part where every thing getts dirty/messy !
There were some artists that initially influenced me, ill post the pictures at the end, the play of the negative spaces and keeping in mind the surface ones using can effect the drawing heavily !


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